Our Story

Atelier Group was founded in the early 1990s as part of Edward Wong Development Co. Ltd. (EWD), a private Hong Kong-based family office, to focus on real estate developments and investments in North America. The successful track record of EWD spanning nearly 3 decades has led to a general refocusing of EWD, resulting in the spin-off of Atelier Capital Global Partners Limited (ACGPL).

Prior to the spin-off, Atelier Capital Global Partners Limited (ACGPL) was created and Atelier Group was renamed as Atelier Capital Partners (ACP), the latter becoming our dedicated global asset-light management platform.  Under the same management, the same leadership, and the same oversight, ACP is committed to continuing the pursuit of the original long-term growth plans as set out by our board and bestowed upon us by our founder Mr. Edward C.M. Wong, with the original ethos.